About EaTS Indonesia

EaTS Indonesia is Education and Training of Health Care Personnel for Sustainable Early Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases in Indonesia, a project co-founded by the Else Kroner-Fresensius-Stiftung (EKFS).


EaTS Indonesia aims to empower healthcare professionals (HCPs) in Indonesia thorugh training to improve the extent and quality of education and of counseling skills. This will improve the lifestyle and nutrition of the population in early life as well as health outcomes later in life.


The Digital education platform will include national recommendations and blend e-learning with case-based F2F training on knowledge and counseling skills to maximize impact on behaviour change and improve child and population health.


The e-learning courses will be promoted nationwide by the collaborating Indonesia University (UI), Hasanudin University (UNHAS), Indonesian Paediatric Society (IPS), Indonesian Society of Obstetric and Gynecology (ISOG), Indonesian Midwives Association and the Ministry of Health of INA (IMOH) using dissemination through websites, newsletters, push emails, events and educational activities organized by these partners.