Day 2 – Kick-Off meeting 12 July 2022, Novotel Meeting Room, Tangerang City, Banten-Indonesia

Audience meeting in the pilot project area with the Regional Secretary of Tangerang District, Head of Banten Health Office, Head of Tangerang District Health Office, and Head of Banten Professional Organisations of ISOG, IMA, and IPS.


Left to right (front row): head of Banten ISOG (dr. Bayu Winarno, SpOG); Head of Tangerang District IMA Evi Rufaida, SST., M.Kes.; Head of Banten IPS (dr, Didik Wijayanto, SpA); Head of EaTS Indonesia-University of Indonesia (Prof. Dr. dr. Aryono Hendarto, Sp.A(K), M.P.H.); Regional Secretary of Tangerang District (Mochamad Maesyal Rasyid); Project manager-Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München (Dr. Shweta Feher); Head of Banten Health Office (Dr. dr. Hj Ati Pramudji Hastuti, MARS); Head of Tangerang District Health Office (dr. Hj. Desiriana Dinardianti, MARS) and Head of EaTS Indonesia – IPS (Dr.dr. Titis Prawitasari, SpA(K))

Left to right (back row): Deputy of Banten IPS (dr. Arif Budiman, Sp.A(K)); EaTS Indonesia-ISOG (dr. Sandy Prayuda SpOGK(FM)); EaTS Indonesia-IPS (dr Novitria Dwinanda SpA (K)); EaTS Indonesia-ISOG (dr. Dyana Safitri Velies, SpOG, K); EaTS Indonesia Manager (dr. Adhityo Yasashii); EaTS Indonesia-ISOG (dr. Dhika Prabu Armadhanu, Dr. Sp.OG); EaTS Indonesia-IMA (Astuti, S.Tr. Keb, SKM); Tangerang District Health Office (dr Tri Retno Wulandari); EaTS Indonesia-IMA (Tuti Iswanti,SST, Mkeb); Tangerang District Health Office(dr. Sri Handayani).


Head of EaTS Indonesia, Prof. Dr. dr. Aryono Hendarto, Sp.A(K), M.P.H.), gave his remarks to invited guests during an audience with the Banten regional government and professional organizations.


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